An example of Sue Ronco's work

Thu Sep 7 to Mon Sep 25 – Opening night Fri Sep 8 at 6pm

Sue Ronco ‘Unity, Ecology and Infinity’

Sue will construct a large, hanging, installation art-work. She takes materials from the natural environment, such as feathers, leaves and sticks and suspends them in a 3-dimensional formation using cotton thread.  The effect is to create a total environment for the viewer to navigate a path around or to immerse themselves within.

The art-work will be site-specific and exist for the period of the exhibition only. Once the exhibition is taken down, the art-work ceases to exist. Sue will conduct workshops and give artists talks. She is happy to have the public walk through the gallery during installation of the art, as it does have a performance aspect to it.


Ian Ward Photography ‘The World through my Lens’

Ian Ward has had a lifetime interest in photography. During the 5 years prior to selling his dairy farm in 2008 Ian traveled overseas to USA, British Isles, Europe, Scandinavia and China. Since 2008 he has completed many tours taking photos in each of the six continents of the world.

Ian Ward 'The World through my Lens'

Select Alpine Artists

In the Edda Beauchesne Gallery upstairs is an exhibition of paintings by select Alpine Artists such as Pamela Richardson, Steve McCall, Frances Worsnop-Solosy, Brian Elvish, Coral Ruffin, Barry Willcox, Glenys Baxter and Annemarie Wiegerinck.