I have always had a strong interest in painting and drawing. Before retiring, I worked in the university sector (psychology) for a number of years, which allowed very little time for artistic endeavour, although I feel those years considerably enriched my approach to art.

My favourite medium is oil, closely followed by pastel. I also like to work with graphite and coloured pencils; whatever works best to express a particular idea. Horses, moody skies, land, mountain and snowscapes are among my favourite subjects.

I primarily exhibit in the North East and am a member of the Alpine Artists Group. I have also exhibited work in Melbourne and Geelong. Apart from various sales, I have been fortunate to receive several awards.

My husband and I live on a small property below Mt FeatherTop, on the banks of the Ovens River. The area is an artist’s paradise and truly inspirational! We share our home with three horses, a boxer dog and a Manx cat who often are obliging models for sketches and paintings.