Alpine Artists Exhibition – “The Best of…….”

Due to Covid-19 situation and resulting uncertainty, the photographic and ceramic exhibitions planned for the spring have been cancelled. Instead the Bright Art Gallery will hold a grand Alpine Artists exhibition. Included: paintings in any medium, photography, sculptures, ceramics, glassware, and woodwork. No theme for this one, it’s showcasing the Best Of… each artist. The exhibition will take up the two main gallery spaces downstairs with a North East selection from the Permanent Collection upstairs.
Artists are invited to contribute up to 8 Paintings or Photographs, preferably a mixture of sizes. Ceramics, Glassware, Sculptures and Woodwork are limited to 15 pieces, a set of mugs/ bowls etc is one entry. It may not be possible to display all works entered at the beginning of the exhibition, depending on the number of artists entering. Therefore, we ask you to list your works in order of your preference to be exhibited, first listed the most important etc. It is the intention to group each artist’s works together. Please provide a CV if you can.
The Bright Art Gallery and Cultural Centre will now be putting all exhibitions on the Gallery’s website To enable us to do so, all exhibitors are asked to submit a good quality digital photograph of their artwork. If you do not wish to have your artwork on- line, a photo is not required.
If you do, please provide images in JPG format only. Please CROP your photo to include only the painting (no background) or for 3-dimensional work to only show the work with a black or white background. Correct resizing of images for the web will be done by our website manager when uploading your image.
RENAME photos before sending in, as follows: Surname,FirstName-Title-Medium-Size-Price
The size in cm of painting/photograph/ceramic not including frame, Width X Height.
Example jpg renaming: Vander,Tilly-Sunset on the Murray-Oil-60×90-$850

Download the entry form Entry form Alpine Artists SPRING 2020