Spring Exhibition 2023

Thu 28 Sep to Mon 6 Nov – open 5 days a week (Thu-Mon) 10am-4pm
Opening Night Wednesday 27 Nov at 7pm

4 Exhibitions: Carol Stewart Out n About, Natalie Malseed In the Orchard, Jessie Yvette Journoud-Ryan Bits & Pieces,
Alpine Artists New Works
Alpine Artists New Works
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Carol Stewart Out n About
Paintings in Oils, in Impressionist/Realism style, on Stretched Canvas, Linen and Board in various sizes, depicting – Landscapes, Seascapes, Streetscapes, Still Life, Flowers and Animals and Birds.
Wagga Wagga artist Carol Stewart has been painting for over 30 years. She is a qualified sign writer and interior decorator. She teaches art at her homebased studio. Carol has won several awards throughout NSW. She is a sought after judge and has works in Australian and international private collections.

Natalie Malseed In the Orchard
In the Orchard – an immersive exhibition inspired by the micro habitat of a Chestnut Farm.
Natalie Malseed is a multi-discipled artist working with a range of mediums.
Telling a story through sculpture, carved board watercolour paintings and prints; the intention to link Art with Farming is clear. “My hope to create a conversation, while offering an insight into life on a chestnut farm.
While working with the Australian Chestnut Association, I have visited many Chestnut Farms in the Alpine region. Visiting these farms has been a gift, immersing myself in the Orchard; surrounded by all the trees, Mushrooms, Lichens and Insects has bought me so much joy. Its this feeling I hope to share through my exhibition”.

A range of mediums will be used, including an installation of a tree with handmade leaves, textile sculptures, woodcut prints. 14-18 Images, approx. size 90×60.

Jessie Yvette Journoud-Ryan Bits & Pieces
Bits & Pieces is a collection of work focusing on selected birdlife in the Dandenong Ranges. From Superb Fairy Wrens in her garden to Australasian Darter Birds (Anhinga) observed and sketched at a local nature Reserve – Birdsland – in the Dandenong Ranges. This collection of wall sculptures – created with ceramics and crockery, often donated by the local community, or discarded treasures found in local op shops and antique warehouses – reflect somewhat an embarrassment of riches and pay tribute to nature… the very thing that our consumerist propensity to ‘stuff’ threatens in our day and age.
Jessie Yvette Journoud-Ryan’s sculptural use of repurposed ceramics and vintage crockery draws from a decade of Fine Arts training in Melbourne and an education in ceramics in France. Residing in Dijon as a teenager and being creatively driven, she pursued a Fine Arts pathway and attended a National Ceramics school in rural Burgundy, specialising in the traditional decorative arts of ceramic painting. As a French-Australian artist and Fine Arts educated on both shores – her work also reflects personal narratives of migration, belonging and cultural heritage. While the choice of medium and crockery reflect the artist’s European heritage, the subject matter is a response to her natural surroundings and home in the Dandenong Ranges.