The Spring Exhibition at the Bright Art Gallery & Cultural Centre promises to be an exciting event. Not only will there be a beautiful exhibition by the Alpine Artists of photographs and paintings, but there will also be a second exhibition with an exclusive display of select Indigenous Works from the private collection of the Aldridge Brothers.
The Alpine Artists are the continually growing number of artist members of the gallery. Many works will have our wonderful local environment as inspiration. The members are mostly locals, however these days it also includes artists from Melbourne to Sydney. The Alpine Artists hold several exclusive exhibitions throughout the year and Artists are invited to join our membership.
The second exhibition will feature a wonderful selection of Indigenous Art Works from the extensive collection of the Aldridge Brothers of Wangaratta. The thirty pieces displayed represent a variety of styles from Arnhem Land, The Western Desert in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.
The brothers have been travelling and collecting such work since the 1980’s. Each piece comes with its own story and authentication. Such a display of paintings is not often seen in the North East and is not to be missed.
Displayed here is ‘Yingarna’ by Joshua Bangarr. Yingarna is the Mother Rainbow Serpent who became the Earth Mother. She gave birth to Ngalyod, the Rainbow Serpent and Ngalkunburriyaymi, the female Rainbow Serpent and many other Creation Beings.